Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Is It With Full Moons?

I've come to the conclusion that people are right when they say that all kinds of weird things happen during a full moon. This morning around 5:20 a.m. we woke up in a daze to a strong jolt and what sounded like an extended sonic boom. Mac (our other dog that you haven't met yet) leaped off the bed barking and I asked my husband, "was that an earthquake?" Edwards AFB isn't all that far from us and we experience sonic booms throughout the week, but never this early in the morning. "I think it was," he said. But the strange thing was that the ceiling fan pully chains weren't even swaying. Apparently, it wasn't the "S" wave style earthquake that we're accustomed to. (does one ever get accustomed to earthquakes?)

With that I turned on the computer and visited the USGS site and sure enough, it was reporting a 3.8 magnitude quake 10 miles from us. Tehachapi sits on a fault called the White Wolf and the town was pretty much demolished back in 1952. That seems to always be in the back of my little head.

With that we went ahead and started our day. Later, we were all working in the garden when I heard this strange sound. Immediately, I recognized it and yelled, "run!" At that point my husband and son also realized what was descending upon us - a swarm of bees was flying right through our property. Rick ducked low behind his little Ranger/4 wheel dohickey and Gaelan and I ran towards the well. Fortunately for us, they were well above our heads and just kept on truckin' - flying (bees don't truck).

It was at that point that I decided it was safer to stay inside and just make some socks.

Since I didn't catch a snapshot of the earthquake or the swarm of bees, you'll have to settle for the socks that were just finished. Think I'll call 'em my "full moon socks."

Enjoy your Sunday.

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