Saturday, June 12, 2010

Servicing the Plumbing

Once a year we have all our water systems checked and multiple filters replaced. Now, I'm married to a really handy kind of guy, but even all of this is beyond him. (or at least that's what he tells me) So, we make the phone call to Bakersfield and tell "Mike" that we'd like to schedule a service call - always reminding him to wait until he has another call-out in the same area. That way we only pay half the "drive-up" fee.

Our well produces excess iron, lead and aluminum and these metals need to be stripped. Multiple filters and a water softening system need to be in place. Most of this is kept inside our pump house that sits adjacent to our water tank.

And as one final backup, we have a reverse osmosis system under our kitchen sink that ensures our drinking water is safe. "Webster" defines this as "a diffusion through a semipermeable membrane typically separating a solvent and a solution that tends to equalize their concentrations." In my terms - it just takes out all the crud!

This is all done on a yearly basis (although my husband does change one of the filters every 6 weeks) and I figure it's our "water bill." And with water costs spiking in California, we've got a great rate!

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