Friday, June 4, 2010

Laundry Day

Living off the grid teaches you more about electricity use than you probably wanted to know. If there's no wind, you don't generate power and your generator is more than likely to start up. When that happens, it hits you right in the pocket book! And at today's prices for diesel fuel, it hits hard.

So, I have to do a balancing act when doing laundry. If there's no wind, hold off a day or two to hang out the laundry. If it's too windy, you're likely to watch your clothes blow away. And at all cost, don't use the dryer. That's an instant ignition for the generator.

Now, another thing I've learned about hanging out clothes up here..........HIDE YOUR UNDERWEAR in the middle lines. I mean, it IS visible from the street afterall! Your husband's "undies" can go on the outer lines, because you'll have it all brought back inside before he gets home........he'll never know!

Not only will you save tons of energy by drying your clothes the old fashioned way, you'll get to experience how your grandmother did her laundry AND have the sweetest smelling clothes ever!

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gsxrmomof2 said...

Hi Kathy!!! Reading this blog post makes me want to put up a clothes line in the back yard!!! I can't wait to read more of your upcoming blog posts!!!