Friday, June 25, 2010

John Wayne...Chisum...Hollywood...Tahnee Mara...

I have to tell you a little husband is a HUGE John Wayne fan. He must own practically every movie he's ever made and could probably recite the dialogue of each from memory. One of his favorites is "Chisum." In it, John's niece comes to visit and one evening they're out on the porch and a wind begins to stir............she wraps her shawl more snugly around herself and shivers slightly. John says, "Tahnee Mara." She looks at him like, huh? He explains, "the Indians call it Tahnee Mara..............lonely wind."

My husband always loved that name and what it meant and said, "someday if I ever own a little piece of land, I'm gonna call it Tahnee Mara Ranch." (first of all, let me explain that we don't live on a ranch! Less than 2 1/2 acres doesn't constitute such a title) That being said, I asked him how it's spelled - he didn't know. To the search engines I went. Seems back in those movie days, Hollywood was famous for making such words up! According to this information, there's no such word in the Indian language. My husband was bummed to say the least. But, the good news was that I did find out the spelling and it's still a great name and now a great little tale!

Our little off grid home site had a name - Tahnee Mara Ranch (taw-nee mar-a) - lonely wind.

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