Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intarsia.....really knitting off the grid

Don't let Intarsia knitting fool you. It's more a puzzle than anything else. And if you love puzzles, you'll love this form of knitting. Many knitters think that if they forget to twist the yarn ends, there will be a hole. Well, yes, that's certainly true. But, everything is "fixable" including the holes. Don't even worry about how the front looks until the piece is totally knitted. It's at that point that you tighten and weave in all the ends. Slowly but surely, it will come together. As with anything else, practice is the key.

This is a new design for our "Crumpet and Tea" collection. It's a pillow that will have a picture of Mrs. Crumpet's woolen shop on it. The little balls of yarn in the store's window will be made with french knots - kinda adds a 3-D effect to the artwork.

Be sure to check back so that you can see the progress being made.

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