Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Doris" Goes to the Market

"Doris" has a busy day ahead. She'll be crankin' out at least 3 socks and then will pack up for her trip to the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Being 85+ years old, she always draws a crowd. The one question that is always asked, "How long does it take to make a pair of socks?" The answer - about 3 hours and that includes closing the toes by hand (kitchener st).

Packing her up carefully is always a challenge. Thought I'd steal (I mean borrow) my husband's lunch carrier thingy. Doris's moving parts will be removed and wrapped separately and she'll be snug as a bug in a towel. Being made of cast iron, it's no easy feat toting her all about. But, to see the smiles that she brings is worth it. Most people have never seen an antique sock machine AND one that has been refurbished and once again producing lovely, lovely socks!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to find time for some knitting....................

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