Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story Continues......

Faced with the dilemma of no water, we made the decision to stay at the glider airport campground. From there we could keep a watchful eye on the property, have electricty, hot showers, laundry services and protection from the chilling winds, too. (the pipes unthawed!) The owners were kind enough to let us stay on a weekly basis, which ultimately turned into 2 months.

The home was completed and ready to leave the construction site. The problem....the property was still too deep in mud and snow. Our contractor, (Heaven sent for sure) was able to have the three sections of our home brought to a maintenance yard, where it sat for over a month. Now it was less than a mile from where it should be!

January seemed to have a record amount of snow days, as did February. But, slowly the days warmed and the property began to dry out. The day finally came when all three sections could be moved and put into place. Once that was done, we were still looking at over a month of work before we could move in.

Each morning we'd wake up at the campground and watch with binoculars to see the crews arriving to start the day's work. It progressed and finally, the day before Easter we were told we could move in.

We had made it through our 5 + months of RV living! And if you're wondering how I maintained my sanity...............I made socks! And more socks and more socks!

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