Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Sock Business?

It's amazing that you can find your passion while surviving a 5+ month stint in an RV. But, it happened. Who would've ever thought that I'd fall in love with making socks?

I owe it all to my husband. One day our daughter came up for a visit and we got to talking about businesses and all the tourists that visit Tehachapi. My husband blurted out, "why don't you two start a sock company?" Now running a small business was no stranger to me - I owned a small yarn shop for 5 years. And Cheryl is quite busy herself managing a major retail store AND raising three little boys. Could we do this?

I'd been admiring antique sock machines on the internet for years. How hard could it be? We did our homework and decided on a particular machine. We found one on eBay and had it shipped down from Canada. A word of warning..............when you order something from Canada, the odds are pretty good that the instruction manual will be in French! Thank goodness for uTube videos. Even with that, it was two long months before I could crank out a decent sock. Tehachapi Sock Company was ready for business.

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