Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farmer's Market Day

Today is Thursday - that means it's Farmer's Market Day. My friend and I were trying to decide if it's Farmer's or Farmers'. In any case, I'm a vendor! Last week it was quite windy and I found myself keeping one hand around a leg of the canopy. Can you imagine if that thing took off in the wind? Today we're under a high wind warning. Should I bring some cement with me?

Actually, the decision was made to just leave the darn thing home and just set up a table and our two shelves. I even thought about taking "Doris" our antique sock machine, but I'm afraid that if there's any blowing dust, it wouldn't be healthy for her. She's quite persnickety. (now, the word really might be pernickety because "Webster" referred me over to it as the adj. But, persnickety has a better ring to it) No debates please!!!

Cross your fingers that we don't fly away...................

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