Friday, May 31, 2013

Normal Routines are the Best.....

All is quiet on the home front - just the way I like it!  Lucy wanted to pose for the camera this morning while the other girls were in their hen house laying eggs.

I snapped this photo the other day of a small low that was going through our area bringing high winds.  Yes, even the turbine had to be shut down for the night.  Today tho, no wind and the temps are finally climbing.

Bo, on the other hand, never likes his photo taken and always turns his head when I try to get a snapshot!  He got in a bit of trouble the other morning, too.  Around 6 a.m. I heard the girls making really strange sounds - sounds that I hadn't heard before.  So I stepped out onto the back porch to see a lone coyote standing next to our back fence staring at the girls.  And where was Bo?  He was on this side of the fence standing there wagging his tail at him!  Now what kind of watch dog is that?  Honestly, I think that Bo thought the coyote was a dog!

With our really dry winter, the critters seem to be coming out more and in to the lower elevations.  The other day I was going down our dirt road and watched as a 3 foot rattle snake slowly made his way across.  That sure made a believer out of our son, because that was the first rattler he and I have seen up here.  When they pose no threat like that, we totally leave them alone because they definitely serve a purpose.  The rodent population would be out of control without the snakes.

The pumpkin and squash patch is a month ahead of schedule which I'm thrilled about.  Although this morning I noticed that two plants were totally gone with a fresh mound of dirt nearby.  Obviously an underground visitor - Mr. Mole!  I will get my husband right on this tonight!  Lucky him!

And as the sun was setting last night, my husband noticed this lenticular cloud to our east.  They are absolutely amazing to see and with our crazy wind currents up here, we witness them frequently.

Most of my outside chores are done for the morning, so it's now time to work on the chart for the sweater front for awhile......

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Caffeine Girl said...

I envy your garden! My yard is 100% deep shade. I can barely grow Hosta!