Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Need for Color in My Knitting............

Sometimes I need something full of color to bring a smile to my day.  And using up leftovers just makes that smile even bigger!  This scarf is made with random colors of worsted weight yarn that I practically selected with my eyes closed.  Really, there's no need to try and make the colors match up - that just defeats the purpose of it all.  I used to call this the "Leftovers Scarf," but I now think of it as the "No Two Alike Scarf." 

I did cheat and made it on my flatbed knitting machine, but you can also handknit one just like it.  I prefer tube scarves to flat ones - I think they hold their shape better and are much warmer.  Just decide how wide you want it and figure out your gauge.  If you want it made in a tube, be sure to double the amount of stitches for the width since it will have a front and a back.

Now, go through your bag of leftovers and select a good 10 - 15 colors.  I have no set number of rows for each color and find that each segment should be quite different in length.  Once it's the length you want, bind off and then cut fringe using all the colors and add to each end.  There you have it - your very own "No Two Alike Scarf!"

This one will be heading to the upcoming craft fair this weekend over in Stallion Springs.

Ok, I have a confession of sorts......I definitely have a thing for buttons.  Yesterday I drove out to Lancaster to JoAnn's Craft Store and found all their buttons were half off!  Seriously, half off!  I'll use these to place on my mug wraps and knitted bracelets.  Aren't they fun?

And speaking of mug wraps, this one just came off the needles and will also be added to the inventory for Saturday's craft show.

I see tons of these cozies on Etsy and many are made to fit right up to the top edge.  How are you supposed to drink your coffee or tea with your lips on yarn?  When designing patterns, it's really important to look at all aspects of the final design.  That means even acknowleging faults that you may find.  The good news, redesigning and fixing the flaw is easy!

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Caffeine Girl said...

OMG! You are so sweet. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. You really made my day!

Love the scarf. I've wanted to do a tub scarf -- it seems like the only sane way to do a fair isle pattern!

I share your button love. It's just as well that I can't run out to Joanne's because I can't say that I need more buttons!