Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mrs. Crumpet's Flock........

Every so often, but less often than often, we happen upon a magical place.  But, in our haste, we scurry past and fail to catch a glimpse.

'Tis a magical world you now enter - one worthy of your glance.  It's where dreams and adventures await you.  It's the world of "Crumpet and Tea."

These characters will enchant you and even inspire you.  You'll travel along on their knitting adventures while being caught up in the magic of it all.

And when it's all said and done, you may just find that you've fallen in love with knitting all over again.....

That was the introduction to our "Crumpet and Tea" collection that I began over a decade ago.  I once tried to get the entire concept published.  While the publisher sent me an amazing letter telling me how enchanted she was with these characters and their storyline, she said it wasn't the type of book that they published.  She gave me two other sources to send the idea to, but for some reason I didn't.

Instead, I've released the designs as single patterns.  Last night, I decided to redo a child's sweater pattern that is in this collection called, "Mrs. Crumpet's Flock."  I thought you might like a sneak peek at the chart for the sleeve.  It took me several hours yesterday to get the chart just the way I wanted it using Adobe Illustrator.  Even then tho, I made the command decision to change out one of the colors.  (can you see my hand written note there on the edge?)

Lots goes in to creating a design, especially an Intarsia one.  This sweater will be written for sizes 4, 6 and 8.  I'm hoping to use my youngest grandson, Carter, as a model.

The storyline tells of how Mrs. Crumpet is an avid knitter and a yarn shop owner.  Since she is an imaginary character, so are the things that surround her.  She never has to buy dyed wool, because her sheep naturally come in assorted colors!

Will this collection and storyline ever come together as a book?  Who knows.  But, that sure would make my day!


Caffeine Girl said...

What an enchanting idea! I love the idea of colored sheep! I hope that the Internet is a good way of marketing for this.

Gale Fields said...

That sweater is going to be so cute! I envy the little kids!