Monday, May 13, 2013

Craft Shows and Etsy.....

Saturday's craft show was a total bust.  I mean, it was downright depressing.  There were hardly any vendors or attendees.  But, now I know not to do that show again.  Fortunately, it only lasted until 1:00 and we were out of there.

We decided to go home the back way up and over Alpine Forest from the Cummings Valley.  It's quite scenic and I thought that you'd enjoy seeing the countryside.

Lots of ranches are scattered throughout this area.

After leaving the Cummings Valley and Alpine Forest, you come down in to Brite Valley which also has lots of small homesteads.

Since I was so busy this weekend, I placed our Etsy shop on vacation mode, so will spend some time this afternoon re-opening it and re-listing some of our products.

Since it's so hard to sell winter items during this time of year, I'll come up with more creative items to sell in our Etsy shop.  During this time I hope to spend some serious time coming up with new patterns to sell, too. 

Leisure Arts has eluded me and I am so determined to get something published with them.  I've got a few crazy ideas spinning around right now and will focus on that this summer.  Cross your fingers!

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Caffeine Girl said...

I've done some awful shows with my jewelry, so I know the feeling. The only saving grace with these shows is that you have more time to talk to other vendors -- though it sounds like there weren't many of them, either.

Good luck with Leisure Arts. I've been trying to get into a magazine called Somerset Studio for years, but haven't even come close!