Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time With Our Munchkins

The other day when I said, "Calgon Take Me Away" - well, it didn't happen. Seriously, I've been here all along. Our two oldest grandsons came up for a visit and boy did they keep me busy. We had a grand time and now the house is far too quiet and we miss them terribly.

They opted for an outing to Tangleweed Farm where they got to feed the chickens. Who would've thought that rose petals are like candy to roosters and chickens. While there, we bought 2 baskets of ollalie (maybe it's olallie?) berries to make a crisp. (YUMMO) They also helped me make a scarecrow - whom we hope will keep the squirrels out of our fruit trees. Of course, Mitchell wanted to know why they're called scarecrows.

We also chopped some of our culinary rosemary from our own garden and made a rustic rosemary bread. It's amazing that a six year old can make a loaf of bread as good as an adult! (ok, the truth? - his turned out better than mine ever have - happy?)

Guess I'll settle back in with some serious knitting now and start Mrs. Crumpet's knitting bag. Tomorrow, I might share a little secret about some other knitting. (might not, too!)

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