Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fire Season

Yesterday afternoon as I stepped out our front door, I noticed a little smoke rising up from Old West Ranch. Not good I thought. Within minutes it escalated into a major fire. This area is just about 3 miles to our east with tons of dry brush and fallen trees.

The fire and forestry departments started hitting the fire with everything they had - 6 water dropping helicopters which "gas" up from a special water tank at the end of our street and 4 flame retardant planes. Once dusk arrives, all air power has to stop. We watched throughout the night as the eerie orange glow hovered above the mountain. I think about 30 homes have been lost with over another 100 threatened.

Today it looks like the fire is burning away from us, but the copters are back refueling down the street and the fire department has made a staging area at the glider airport.

Pray for these brave men and women and for all the families in these areas.

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