Monday, July 19, 2010

Saving the World

I've come to the conclusion that it's knitters that will save the world. Well, maybe not knitters themselves, but all the handy dandy contraptions that we keep in our knitting bags, baskets and "fish tackle" containers. (Yes, that's what I use for all the little tiny gadgets that I can't live without)

Yesterday at the concert in the park, I was knitting happily away on a pair of socks when I heard all this crumbling and crushing of paper behind me. A very nice elderly couple had brought a bag of chips to munch on during the concert. (You have to understand first tho, that living at a higher altitude does something to potato chip bags - they self-inflate and will burst if not opened properly - can you imagine being taken out by a bag of chips? And I was certainly within the target zone) There was just no way this man was gonna get this bag to rip open without a major catastrophe. I quickly reached into my little tackle box and pulled out my tiny scissors and politely offered them to this nice gentleman.

He gladly accepted and made a small cut to release the "combustible" air, returned the scissors with a smile and a thank you and proceeded to enjoy his snack.

If you ever end up on a desert island, be sure it's with a knitter!

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Permission to Unwind said...

So very true! I always say that a knitter is handier than a Boy Scout! :)