Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Money Saving Tip

Be watching the news headlines today - they just might read, "Thrift Stores Across America Overrun by Knitters in Search of Purse Handles."

My dear friend and mentor, Jean, gave me this superb suggestion...........don't buy expensive purse handles until you check out used purses at thrift stores. Needless to say, I rushed to the two shops in town that very day. Don't even give the purse a second look, but check out the handles.

Here are two sets from used purses and one is real bamboo! The purses themselves were in terrible condition, but as you can see, the handles were absolutely perfect. Each purse was $2.00! YES, two dollars! I'm not kidding, I paid all of four dollars plus tax - total for both purses.

Hope this inspires you to create some new totes. Enjoy this day!

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miss aine said...

Cool idea. I'll have to try that out myself.