Friday, June 7, 2013

Lots of Watering & Temps on the Rise......

There hasn't been a lot of time for knitting with the garden in full swing now.  This weekend our temps will be in the 90's which is pretty hot for Tehachapi. 

Each morning I've been deep watering the pumpkin and squash patch and it's now thriving.

The corn is over a foot high and I've started another corn patch in another section on the property.  The girls absolutely love corn on the cob, so two good size sections will be necessary to keep them happy.

With it being so hot now, it is snake season and I don't go outside at all without my old boots on.  They're starting to crack and show the many hours that they've been worn, but they're comfy and I'll wear them to the end!

We had a mole in our garden so I placed this planter on top of where he kept coming in at.  I guess it discouraged him because he hasn't been back.  But, the small lizards that are everywhere have claimed it as their own habitat.  And that suits me just fine because they share it with a few small frogs and I figure they're all keeping the tiny insects down in the garden.

I just finished watering about 1/4 of the property and decided to give the pump a rest (and me, too) so I'll just sit myself right down and knit a few rounds on the neck ribbing of the upcoming sweater.

I still have 3 sections to water in a bit that we call, "The Forest," "The Park," and "The Orchard."  I found that by giving these sections names, it's much easier for Rick to grasp where to water when he helps out.  Today he's in Bakersfield, so I'm on my own!

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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