Friday, June 28, 2013

A Farm Kind of Day.....

Thursdays seem to be my official "farm day." Our squash is now coming on daily and I'm so pleased with such an abundance that we can share with the elderly couple next door.  You should see his eyes light up when I bring him such goodies!

With the economy so crummy, especially for the elderly, wouldn't it be wonderful if we all adopted a neighbor in need and shared.

I know what you think these little black doo-dads are in the girly girls' coop, but you're wrong!  I already cleaned those out!  These happen to be blackberries and the girls adore 'em!

Thursday afternoons find Rick and me heading downtown to our local farmers market.  If you could see this picturesque little main street of Tehachapi (Tuh-ha-cha-pee) it would take you back in time. 

This is Railroad Park along the main street and yes the train comes through right next to it about every 15 minutes. 

Not only is there great tri-tip bar-b-que-ing away, but tons of craft vendors and of course farmers from all over.  It's the huge heirloom tomatoes that I come for and they are worth the drive into town .

I thought about getting a booth, but wool socks don't seem to sell well in summer time and I figured that I could save money by staying home and tending to our garden.  That in turn, will actually save me money.


Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks for the pronunciation -- I've been wondering.

Summer probably isn't the best time for wool socks!

Heather J said...

OO tri tip I can't get it here no one seems to understand what it is. Heirloom tomatoes sound delicious!

Susan R said...

I love your pretty town and all the trees. What a nice place to live around.