Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Gopher in the Garden; A Mouse in the House..

Does it get any better than that?  It's war!  The gopher has eaten 3 of my pumpkin plants with sights on the rest.  At this rate, there will be no Halloween.

I've uncovered his hole and keep flooding it hoping to cause him great indigestion!  Maybe I should stick some Tums down it, too!

The pumpkins are just coming on the vines now, so we have to do everything we can to protect them.

I'm sure the corn will be next!  As for the mouse..........well, I think it's a mouse.  Last night around midnight I hear a sound coming from the kitchen, so I tiptoe in...........I hear this really loud scratching coming from within our center island, but under the drawers.  I did what any good wife would do.....I woke up my husband and made him check it out!

Of course, the scratching stopped and we pulled open the drawer and saw nothing.  This morning I went to Home Depot and bought just about every kind of trap they had on their shelf.  It's war! 

But, with a day like this and a view like this, who can complain, right?

In knitting dear friend Kathleen let me borrow a skein of Regia to see how Doris would react to it.  She loved it and cranked away whistling her usual happy tune.  So with that, we just opened up our new account with the Regia folks and should have it here next week to start selling in our Etsy store and to start full sock production for fall and winter. 

Eleven bags full will be arriving via UPS and I can't wait!  Bo will be thrilled to be able to chase his big brown truck down our dirt road along our fence line.  It's a huge game between him and our UPS man.  Bo chases him, then barks loudly as the box is lifted over the gate into my arms and then eagerly anticipates the cookie that is then offered as a bribe.  Of course, each time I remind the driver that he will never win Bo over, but he continues in his endeavor.  I just smile, thank him profusely for the box of yarn, he gets in his truck and Bo chases him the rest of the way to the end of the property.

A normal day on our mountain!


Iesadora said...

I had no idea there were gofers out there!! Good luck winning the war!!!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

Garden pests! I can't grow tulips because the squirrels eat the bulbs as fast as I plant them!

Regia has so many great colorways. Your customers will love their socks!