Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gift Ideas......

For once I'm getting an early start with Christmas gifts.  Since I seem to be having so much fun making these small tote bags, I thought that it would be fun to place more gifts inside.  I'm thinking some homemade soap, hand knitted spa cloths and a pair of hand cranked socks. Who wouldn't enjoy receiving that!

This little bag with the ladybugs all over it will be put away in my "Christmas closet" and filled later on.

This "project bag" is about to go into my Etsy shop.  Kitties are always a hit, right?

Since I have so many sock projects going on all the time, I better plan on making myself a bag, too!

1 comment:

Caffeine Girl said...

Good for you -- starting on the holidays so early. I actually am doing some holiday knitting myself!

Your bags are adorable. They'll make wonderful gifts.