Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow Coming....I Better Knit Faster

Our California mountains are expecting snow this evening with a chance of the pass closing.  With that kind of news, we always gear up for it.  Our big backup diesel generator is checked and the tank filled.......

We wrapped the girls' chicken coop on 3 sides to protect them from wind and blowing snow.......

We'll keep an eye on their water to make sure that it doesn't freeze and that they have plenty of food.  Their house is within the actual coop, so they are totally protected from any type of moisture or wind.

Lucy even posed for the camera this morning!  Isn't she gorgeous?

Yesterday I hit the store for a few last minute essentials and now I can hunker down and get back to my knitting.  I'm making my husband and son mittens for Christmas and will finish those up this week.  I never got to my next design, but will as quickly as possible so that we can have another giveaway, ok?

I'll keep you posted on the storm and if we actually get the 2 - 4 inches.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but that amount impacts our freeways and passes significantly. 

Stay warm and dry where you are!

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