Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Quick Trip Out to the Desert......

Yesterday we decided to make a quick trip out to Lancaster for food and to use some of our gift cards. This trip just happens to take you to the California desert.  If you've never seen this area of California, it's really an amazing place.

The above picture is the desert side of the Tehachapi mountains, where we live.  You can see the hundreds of giant wind turbines that they've placed out here.  All the electricity generated heads to Los Angeles.

Even tho it looks far, we can be to the desert from our little mountain town in 20 minutes!

The formations that you will find are really quite spectacular to view.

If you love open spaces, this is the place to be.  A trip through the Arizona and California deserts is really a must, especially in the early spring.  You'll see gorgeous wild flowers and limitless views.

After our little road trip, I came home and cranked out 3 socks. Here's two more colors in the "Diversity" sock yarn from Plymouth Yarn Company.

This pair with the grays and pinks would make a fantastic Valentine's Day present.


Gale Fields said...

I like the pinks especially well. And the photos of where you live are amazing. We used to live just north of Tucson, AZ. I didn't like desert at first, but quickly grew to love it. Very different from anything else.

Susan R said...

Nice socks. Those windmills are kind of creepy. When we go to Palm Springs I see them and it un-nerves me. Too much like a SciFi movie.