Friday, July 1, 2011

Guess Who Won the Sock Yarn.............

Congratulations to Heather J! This will make some wonderful socks or a hat or anything you'd like! I'll get this off in today's mail for you.

Yesterday I spent hour upon hour practicing ribbing on Zak.

First we did some 3 x 1 which he did splendidly. The ultimate would be a 1 x 1..........finally I got up the nerve................and VOILA! He did it. I'm much faster making socks on Doris, but her and I go way back and are quite comfortable with each other. Today Zak and I will work on some socks to get better acquainted!

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Heather J said...

Wonderful end to my crazy week! Thank you so much. Glad the Zak ribbing is going well.