Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knitting and Gardening.............

Pigeon Roof Studios' high twist sock yarn is sheer bliss to work with. Usually I don't design sock patterns, but this yarn was calling out for one of its own. So, I poured through stitch books for hours and finally decided on a rib pattern that was a multiple of 5 + 2 and then miraculously found a simple yet elegant pattern for the rest of the sock that also was a multiple of 5 + 2. Perfect! The ribbing transitions nicely into the sock pattern.

As it develops, I'll post more pictures and definitely let you know when the pattern is typed and placed into a PDF format.

This morning we did all the watering on the property. The squash is now coming on and we've enjoyed eating it. I talked to a lady the other day who likes to use the huge (I mean really huge ones). She then scoops out the center and places her favorite meatloaf recipe inside the squash. Then she surrounds it with a tomato sauce recipe (like what you use in stuffed peppers) and bakes it until it's done. Think I'll let a couple of squash grow like that and try it. Sounds downright yummy.

Time to hit the road and do some errands............

By the way, I love reading your comments and am so glad that you stop by for a visit to our little world here in Tehachapi.

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