Thursday, July 14, 2011

Essentials of Living Off the Grid...........

When your drinking water comes from your own well, it's essential that you stay on top of filter changes. My husband is able to change out one of the filters that's required every 2 months, but for the yearly ones, we have a water purifying company come and do it. Our well produces too much lead, aluminum and iron - all of which are not good for you. So, these "bad guys" must be filtered out.

As one final safeguard, we have a reverse osmosis filter system under our kitchen sink. This is where we get our drinking water from.

My husband works for a water company in Bakersfield, so he's always on top of our system.

Do you remember my post a short time ago about the squirrels and all the plastic bags that I've been tying to our fruit trees? It seems, for the time being, that I've scared them away. Of course, now they're going for my neighbor's tree, but hey, he's got over 60 trees on his property. We only have 10. I've got to protect what little fruit we have!

I'm not sure if it will hurt the fruit or not, but I've even wrapped some of the bags around the apples and pears. Could I really have out-foxed the little critters?

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Tracey said...

The bags are working here too! Hooray!
I am on a well,but we don't have to use filters. I can just imagine having to remember to change them.