Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Trip to the Farm.....................

This morning we decided to take a ride out to Tangleweed Farm to buy some fresh organic lettuce and tomatoes. On the way we saw these mighty huge guys! I have a feeling that they're not too friendly!

Here we are just arriving at the gate to Tangleweed. It's a small family farm that was started many years ago as a class project for their children growing raspberries. Today, it's a well know organic farm in Tehachapi with a multitude of goodies for sale including berries, flowers, squash, tomatoes, spinach, apples and even goat cheese.

Isn't their farm wonderful? If you look way off to the right in this picture you can see the mountains where we live.

Here's their rows of lavender. The ollalieberries are due any day and oh are they wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed our road trip to the farm today.

Now I'm off to crank a pair of socks. I already made one pair this morning and they will be listed in our Etsy shop tomorrow morning.

Happy Fourth of July to you all.
P.S.  Tangleweed Farm is open on Wed., Fri. and Saturdays.


Iesadora said...

Thank-you SO much for sharing your trip to Tangleweed! I'm visiting my parents in Lancaster and babysitting the kitties while their on vacation next week. That was a bit of random info but the point is my Mom and I had never heard of that farm (not surprised that there is one) and are totally excited about checking it out. Soooooo ... they come back on Friday, my Mom has to work Sunday, so I get to steal her on Saturday. Doesn't that work out perfectly?!?! We are going to go check out the farm Saturday morning, all thanks to you! =D

Caroline said...

Well, I really, really did enjoy it, especially since I'm thinking that I'll need to make a little trip there too. I live in Taft, so it wouldn't be too hard to justify a little trip up there, would it? With the forecast for the next week, we will definitely need a break from the heat.

Heather J said...

I love the rows of lavender beautiful in full bloom I bet. Thanks for sharing,

Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

The rows of lavender looks very pretty. I bet it smells great.