Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Took a Detour.....

The weekend forecast was bleak. Yet, as you can see, Saturday morning didn't look all that threatening. A few clouds around the mountains, but that was it. Yet, we've learned to take heed when they call for high winds. So, before calling it a night on Saturday, we turned off the wind turbine. At 2:00 a.m. (the first official day of spring) the winds began. They were in excess of 75 mph, so trying to sleep through all of that was useless. My husband thought that maybe a noreaster must sound like that. I offered that it sounded more like an F5 tornado!

Then the heavy rain began and it howled and poured for 14 solid hours! Even Mac refused to go out the door, so he had to be carried to his favorite "spot."

All day Sunday it was a mix of snow and rain and by nightfall the snow started sticking to the soggy ground.

This morning we woke to this gorgeous sunrise and 3 inches of snow!

The little chicken wire fencing that was around our garden area couldn't take the weight and finally collapsed.

Remember Friday's picture of the Lilac bush? It's a bit buried this morning!

Last night Mac decided that he needed a potty break at 1:30 a.m., so I opened the front door. He took 3 steps out and realized it had snowed and froze in his tracks! Right then this huge owl came out of nowhere to check out Mac. With that I stepped outside and waved my arms to frighten the night visitor away. I think too, the owl decided that Mac was just a bit too big to swoop away with!

Today I need to try and get into town and mail off a batch of socks. Remember the order of about 80 socks? It's become 150 with more yarn due to arrive! I'm thrilled and so thankful for the work.

Hope your week ahead is a good one.


Tracey said...

I saw on the weather channel where ya'll were getting a terrible storm. Hope Mac is ok from his surprise visitor. We have a red tailed hawk here who really wants to meet my little dog, Twinkie, but he is never feeling social.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh my. I feel bad now since here in Georgia we are headed towards summer. Your photos are beautiful just the same. -- Congratulations on your sock order almost doubling itself.

Caffeine Girl said...

Wow, snow in California in March. Who'd a thunk it?

It's nice to see you getting so many orders!