Friday, March 4, 2011

Ask Mac..............

My mom said that I received only one question this week, but that's ok because it means that I still get to blog today!

Heather J: Ask Mac if he has a favorite flower or time of the year.

Mac: I like any flower that smells good or looks pretty. We like to grow Mexican Primrose up here because it seems to survive our wintery snow storms and then regrows in spring with lots of pink blooms. I can tell you that winter is my least favorite season because I don't like to walk in the snow! Spring, summer and fall are all my favorites.

Because you were the only one that wrote in to me Heather, my mom said that your name was automatically drawn to be the winner of a little treat just from me! She will place it in the mail for you on Monday.

Well, guess I better turn the blog back over to my mom. If you have any questions for next Friday, just leave me a comment for a chance to win a little surprise. One lucky name is drawn every Friday.

Thanks Mac! Tomorrow our family has decided to take a little road trip out to the desert near the town of Barstow. It's about 90 miles from our house and our destination is the ghost town of Calico. The weather should be wonderful and we haven't been there since our kids were small. Should be a very fun outing and I'm sure pictures will be forthcoming on the next post.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead and maybe the weather will be nice for you to take a little road trip, too.


Ripples In Water said...

I was just telling my Mom a couple of weeks ago that we should to Calico again, its been well over 10 years since we've been. I hope you had an awesome time & looking forward to seeing the pics!

Caffeine Girl said...

I am looking forward to ghost town pictures! Thank Mac for his hard work on the blog!