Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is Busting Out All Over..........

It's a gorgeous day in Tehachapi and I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the sights around town. This is a picture looking south towards the mountain that we live on.

Aren't the trees amazing? I'm sure this is happening where you live, too.

It's such a great day, that Rick and I are about to take our 1.2 mile hike. Then it'll be time to get back to cranking socks for the rest of the afternoon. A perfect day for sure!
And the grand finale will be BLT's for dinner. YUMMO (good thing I'm taking that hike!)


Tracey said...

Spring is here too. Just got most of the spring vegetable garden planted today. Tomorrow the herbs go in the ground.

Caffeine Girl said...

Well, the main sign of spring around here is that there is less snow!