Saturday, October 30, 2010

Strange Weather.......................

Yesterday the high winds stopped (which should have been a warning to me!) and the skies were a glorious blue and the temps were in the upper 60's. Hmmmmmmmmmmm Instead of questioning the change, I just enjoyed it.

By late afternoon, the hills were turning a golden wheat color and everything still was absolutely perfect.

We even left the pellet stove off when we called it a night. Then, out of nowhere it began............. The first gust hit the house and you could actually hear the walls gasp. By the third hit, I made my husband climb out of bed and we walked down to the pump house to turn off the wind turbine. It took awhile because you have to wait for a lull with these turbines. If they're spinning too fast, you can't throw on the braking system without causing major damage. I stayed outside with the flash light on the blades while my husband was ready with his hand on the switch. We did it and hurried back inside. The winds were so awful that even Mac refused one last potty break outside!

I thought it couldn't get any worse out there, but I was wrong. Only once before have we had winds like this coming from the south - downslope. That was last January when 5 wind turbines broke up here, including ours. Those winds were exceeding 80 mph. I have to think last night's were awfully close to that. Then at 1:30 a.m. it was like a switch went off and all went still. Later, I heard a light rain.

This morning we woke to this - our first dusting of snow at the top of our 7,000 foot peaks. I hope this isn't any indication of what our winter ahead will be like!

Think I'll stay in today and close some sock toes and work up a new design.

If you haven't left a comment on the post, "October Sock Give A Way" be sure to do so because tomorrow is the last day. Monday, Nov. 1st, I'll announce the lucky winner of a pair of women's hand cranked socks.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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