Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday - a Catch Up Day

I love Mondays! It's the start of a new week that always holds great expectations for me. I know it's also a holiday for some of you and that will make it even more special.

I like to do sheets on Mondays. If I had the energy, I'd change them everyday. What is it about getting into a nice clean bed with crisp linens? Especially ones that have been line dried. It's one of life's greatest pleasures.

I had an unexpected knitting job offer present itself that took up quite a bit of my weekend, but it was very fun and my husband even pitched in with some of my chores. I even managed to continue with cranking socks for this 25 pair order. (they're almost done, JoAnne!) The "Tea Bag" and Aadyn's sock monkey were put on hold, but no worries, they'll also get done.

My middle grandson's birthday party was a huge success.

Mitchell had the best of times and he and his little buddies had a backyard campout with dad being a real trooper and spending the night outside with all the little campers.

Today is normally "Dump Day", too. But, I had to overnight the finished knitting project to the yarn company and by time I stopped to splurge on a donut (my treat for getting the project done!) I decided that it would be better to stay home, do laundry and crank out 4 socks. YES! Four socks is my goal today! My self-imposed deadline is still October 17th, and I just may make it.

Lots of changes are happening here on the mountain now that fall has arrived. We've had the annual turkey vulture migration. Have you ever seen one? Oh my, they're huge and quite ugly looking. Literally thousands soar through this passage heading south for warmer weather. Because of their size, they need the warm winds to lift their large bodies.

The hawks have returned and also my favorite - the Western Meadowlark. Oh, what a song they sing each morning. Of course with fall, our gorgeous summer sunsets are gone, but here's a picture of one to remind me.

I'm enjoying all your comments so much. I wish that all of you could win a pair of hand cranked socks. And if you haven't entered this month's sock contest, be sure to read the post "October Sock Give A Way" to learn all the details.

Now I really better get to some serious cranking! Have a wonderful Monday.

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