Monday, October 18, 2010

Deadline Met.......................

Doris cranked out the last of the 50 socks over the weekend and they're now ready to ship out. With that, she's probably due for a good cleaning and some fresh oil. Thank goodness my husband always helps me with that project. It's definitely a two-man job and a messy one at that. Just as we all schedule our cars to have an oil change after so many miles, "Doris" gets one after about 250 socks!

Since all deadlines are now completed, it's time to get back to Aadyn's little sock monkey. I added his mouth and ears and just need to make two arms, a tail and add his facial features. I promise to let you see him when he's totally done.

After that, I'll get back to the "Tea Bag." That project is sooooooooo close to being finished.

Yesterday I started my "deep" fall house cleaning. Every nook and cranny will be in my path! Yesterday I started the kitchen and washed all 5 windows and their blinds. All the countertops got scrubbed and everything on top re-arranged. Even the top of the cabinets were vacuumed. Now, I'm not trying to make any of you feel guilty - this is just one of my quirks. I just love to go over the entire house before Thanksgiving and before the house is buttoned up for the cold weather. Then I like to do it all over again when spring arrives. There's just something about knowing that every drawer, cabinet, floor and crevice has been cleaned.

We've been in this house now 2 1/2 years and I still hadn't put any type of window treatment on the kitchen windows. I finally decided that valances were not going to cut it, so a new game plan was come up with. I wanted wood planks over each window! Yup, that's right. The kitchen needs a rustic appearance, so my husband (saint that he is) is distressing 1 x 6 pieces of wood to place at the top of each window. One is in place and looks mighty good. Once they're all done, I'll share a picture.

Well, better get back to my housecleaning.....................

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