Monday, August 26, 2013

They Walked Away...........

We have a small glider airport just to our east and they take off and go right over our property.  Saturday afternoon we heard the tow plane doing circle upon circle overhead.  I ran outside to see what was going on and then heard all the sirens coming up the mountain.  I realized that a plane had gone down just up the road from us and that the tow plane was trying to show the fire department where the crash site was.

We assumed that it was a glider that had gone down but as we walked up to our neighbor's house we could see that it was a small single engine plane.  They too, use the glider airport.  Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt and no fire started.

Like they say, any landing is a good landing if you can walk away from it.

 I think the heroes of the day were the pilot, for bringing the plane down without hitting any homes AND the tow plane pilot for getting in the sky quickly to show the authorities where to come.  The Lord was watching over everyone that day.

Many of you are new to my blog and I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took last week.  We almost always have clear skies, but last week was exceptional.  So I snapped this one which is of the view out my front door.  The picture makes the mountain top look rather far away, but it's quite close.
It's a very rural setting complete with dirt roads, no street lights or power!  Yes, we live totally off the electrical grid and it's quite an adventure.

If I look out my back door, I look over the Tehachapi valley and this northeast shot is of Sand Canyon in the background.  There are 5 valleys up here in our mountains and each is so very different.

The monsoons are due to arrive again later today and for most of the week with possible flash floods tomorrow.  I'm sure there will be gorgeous photos ahead.

In knitting news:  I finished the project for the yarn company and just need to proof the pattern.  Then we have a sock order from another yarn company with that yarn arriving any day.  Doris (our antique sock machine) is eager to start!

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