Friday, August 9, 2013

Small Projects..................

While I'm waiting for the yarn and contract to arrive for an upcoming project for a book, I decided to knit up some fun and quick items.  The thought of throwing away even the smallest amount of sock yarn is unthinkable.  So, with the big craft show in November, these little "Friendship Bracelets" are so perfect.  Don't you just love the smiling monkey button?

I always think that kids get all the fun knitted items, so I'm working on "Happy Mittens" for adults.  What a great use of leftover worsted weight yarn!  Randomly, I selected 6 colors and placed them in my knitting bag.  Then, I just grab one and knit for as long as I want before changing colors.  No reasoning at all - that's what makes these so fun.  AND for the second mitten, I'll hide the first one from view so that they won't be alike whatsoever!  This whole concept will add some spice to your knitting.  And just think how surprised I'll be when they're done and I compare the two together.  Pipi Longstockings would be smiling from ear to ear over these!

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