Sunday, January 1, 2012

Little Boys, Calico and a Chicken Named Lucy

We've had our two oldest grandsons during their Christmas vacation and decided to take them to Calico since they've never been.  Spencer is 11 and Mitchell is 8 - perfect ages for such a trip!

We did warn them about the open mine shafts and that they were to stay away from them.  Fortunately, signs are posted and we made sure that Mitchell read them. 

Our son Rick loves to go to Calico and enjoyed the day as much as the boys.  Here we are inside the silver mine which gives you a glimpse into what it was like back in the 1880's.

Boys love to climb and so a trip to the lookout point was on Mitchell's list of things to do.  Here you overlook the entire town of Calico and even can see the vistas out in the desert beyond.

The boys couldn't resist this photo opportunity and either could I!  In the background you can see the old school house.   If you haven't been, it's really a remakable place to visit and take your family.  On the way home, Spencer told me that Calico is better than Disneyland!

They just laughed and talked the whole way home and then we got on the subject of chickens and I told them that we've decided to build a chicken coop on our property.  I told the boys that they could each have their own chicken.  I asked Mitchell what he would name his and his answer was swift - Lucy!

I wish you all the very best in this new year and may your blessings be many.

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Heather J said...

What a great set of memories your grandsons are building! I am starting to get interested in chickens. My nephew's granny keeps a few and he helps with them. She has introduced me to some neat things check out the blog called Tilley's Nest it has been fun to read and she started me following the Chicken Whisperer and his radio show.