Sunday, January 8, 2012

After Christmas Bargains for Sock Givers

I am a huge knitter and giver of socks - maybe that's why I started a sock business! I love to visit Target and other various retailers after Christmas to see if I can find some great bargains.  Yes, even at this late date there are some wonderful finds out there.  Most people overlook the Christmas gift bags that are left, especially ones like these.  But, at 10 cents each because they were a whopping 90% off, they will make some great bags for next year's Christmas sock giving.

Since we do various arts and craft shows also, I'm always on the lookout for bags to place the socks in for our customers.  They not only leave smiling because of the handcranked socks but because they've been placed in fun bags.  Add some pretty tissue paper and voila!

Tomorrow I absolutely have to get my inventory done and bring last year's ledger to a close.  Then, this year's fun will begin and I will get some serious cranking done and new sock yarns ordered.  So much to look forward to for sure!

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Caffeine Girl said...

I hope it is a profitable year for you!