Friday, January 6, 2012

Sock Plans for 2012

I have such high hopes for our little sock business this year.  I'm hoping to increase the amount of socks made on our antique sock machine and hopefully add some new designs and patterns also.

One design line that I'm working on is called "Catghans and Dogghans - Tail Wagging Afghans."  These are whimsical blankets for dogs and cats that will definitely make their owners wish that they were for humans! 

So, I hope that you'll follow along this year on our adventure of socks and all things knitted AND of course our life of living off the electrical grid in the California mountains.

We hope to add chickens to all this fun and I was lead to a fantastic blog (thank you so much Heather!) called Tilly's Nest.  If you want to learn more about raising chickens, this is a must read!

We will also be offering some little giveaways along the way, so be sure to watch for those.


Heather J said...

So glad you enjoy it!

AC said...

I'm pumped for the dogghans!