Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Typical Day Off the Grid.............

Everyone has a different idea of what it means to live off the grid. We hear often, "you still have electricity tho, right?" Yes, we do have electricity, but we have to make our own. There's no water lines, power poles or gas mains up here. We are on our own. I thought it would be fun for you to see what's inside our pump house. This is where the "brains" to our entire system resides. Here you can see our 32 backup batteries. The wind turbine charges them and our electrical needs draw here first. During heavy usage, our large diesel generator will kick in and restore the batteries capacity. The generator is next to the pump house and under a covering for protection against snow and rain.

Because we're an "all electric" home, the system required two inverters. The manual for these is quite thick, but we're getting better at programming them when necessary.

Our water filtration system is also in here along with a small pump. During the winter we have to monitor the temps so that nothing freezes up.

You never know what to expect each day. This evening we were taking Mac out for his walk when my husband says calmly, "we have another snake." Yep, sure enough. A two foot King. Once gain, we had Bo get into the backseat of the truck just so we could get him out of the picture. He would kill the snake and these guys are good snakes to have around.

My husband got a very long tree branch and managed to pick the little fella up and place him inside the trash can. He was then transported down the dirt road to a safer location. Poor Bo tho, he thought he was going for a ride!

So, this is just a little of how we live each day and some of the creatures that cross our paths.

It's a great life!

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