Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is Arriving...........................

Most of the apple orchards have now opened here in Tehachapi. One of my favorites is R & B. On many visits, you can smell her apple pies baking in the outdoor kitchen and sample their yummy cider. It's also a great stop for visiting school children.

I bought a small bag of gala apples and proceeded immediately home to start my baking.

I've always said, "if you're gonna make a mess, make a BIG one!" And that's exactly what I did. The afternoon produced 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, two loaves of French bread and of course one delicious apple pie with a buttermilk crust. Heaven! The French bread tasted mighty good with the big pot of spaghetti that was made, too.

Living off the grid always makes me use the oven wisely, so I try to make as many things as I possibly can while it's on.

Nothing announces the arrival of autumn better than the smell of apple pie and pumpkin bread floating through the house!

Knitting news - more yarn is due in for 40 more socks! I'll give myself 20 days to complete the order. Be watching for the photo when they're all done.

AND, don't forget that we have a sock give-a-way going on. Go to the post called "September Sock-Give-A-Way" and read all about it. Leave your comment there for a chance to win. Please be sure that you leave an email address in case you're that lucky winner. Or, you can email me at and just say "socks" and I'll put your name in the hat.

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful and that you have a great week ahead. And don't forget to make time for a little knitting. (tonight I'm starting a sock monkey for a darling little boy named Aadyn)


Phil & Gale said...

I am looking forward to being able to get some REAL apple cider. The pasturized stuff bought in the grocery store is just so much apple juice. And there is nothing better than a first of the season apple. Not held in storage apple. Love apple pies.

Suzanne said...

I bet that pie tasted wonderful!