Monday, September 6, 2010

A Lazy Holiday Weekend

Thought it'd be fun for you to see the Clydesdales that live just down the road from us.

Unfortunately, it was time for brunch and they weren't about to smile at the camera.

I'll try again on another day to get a better shot of 'em for you.

We pretty much just relaxed all weekend up here. I did get lots of socks cranked out and should finish up this sock order by week's end. Then I can get back to the "Tea Bag" and start the socks for the Christmas rush. (At least I HOPE there'll be a Christmas rush!)

Don't forget that we have a September Sock Giveaway going on. Just go to that post and leave a comment to be entered. Someone's gonna win a nice pair of women's socks!

Hope you had a great weekend and that the week ahead is a good one.

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Phil & Gale said...

Got the socks in the mail today. I love them! Fun color. Fun to see what a CSM will do. Thank you! ps. I did join the CSM group over on Ravelry. --Gale in Arkansas