Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays - The Do-All-Day

When the sun first peeks over the mountains to our east, the Tehachapi mountains to our south turn a beautiful golden color - especially in the fall. It's very hard to capture it on a camera, so you'll just have to trust me on this. It's worth getting up early for.

And Fridays just happen to be my favorite day of the week. I love to "deep" clean the house so it's nice and fresh for the weekend (that means no housework on Saturday and Sunday!) And between all that cleaning, I manage to get a ton of knitting done.

Both legs are now finished on Aadyn's monkey. Once he's all done, I'll tell you where you can buy this adorable pattern. (and it's not one of my patterns either!)

I haven't forgotten about the "Tea Bag". I've almost made it to the top of the bag front. Handles and oodles of duplicate stitch left to do, but a good movie will make the time short. (Have you seen "Julie and Julia"? It's a charming movie)

The yarn arrived on Wednesday afternoon for the 40 socks, but enough yarn came to make 50. So, 50 it is! My goal - two socks each day and occasionally three.

Bo dislikes the UPS man IMMENSELY! I think it's the loud rumble of the big brown truck down our dirt road that upsets him fiercely! On each delivery, Bo usually gets a mouth watering (his, not mine) dog treat. This visit produced no treats, which probably made Bo even more upset. Apparently, the truck had been broken into by a band of merry robbers - squirrels!!!! And they ate every treat in sight. Every dog on our mountain was probably bummed that day.

Time to hang out two loads of clothes and then crank out a sock. Thanks for visiting today. Have a wonderful weekend. (Tonight it's homemade pizza for dinner - YUMMO)

AND, don't forget to read the post "September Sock-Give-A-Way" and enter for a chance to win a pair of women's hand cranked socks!

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Phil & Gale said...

Can't wait for Tea Bag! It's looking good.