Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost Done With Time To Spare..............

Remember my goal of finishing up these 60 socks by Sept. 14th? Looks like it's gonna happen. I'm cranking like crazy today (between all the chores outside and inside). This pair is now soaking quietly. Never does a pair leave this house without being washed and blocked. (one of my quirks!)

These are blocking out nicely and almost dry. The timing couldn't have been better, too. Yesterday I got a call from one of the yarn companies asking if I could design, knit and get a "project" to New York by Sept. 20th. Absolutely! Is it the rush we designers get meeting strict deadlines? Maybe. But, I find that I get more focused when under pressure and have a great support system. My son Rick, takes over several of my daily chores and when my husband gets home, he springs into action with dinner. Thanks guys!!!!

Once this project has been made public, I can share all about it. The last project is still under wraps but I promise to give you all the scoop on it when I can. Can't wait to see what kind of yarn will arrive. It's at that point that I get a clearer vision of what the piece will become.

And don't forget - we're having another sock giveaway. Just go to the post on the September Sock Give-A-Way, leave a comment there for a chance to win. Gale from Arkansas won the August contest and loves her socks!

Have a great day and be sure to find time for some knitting.

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Phil & Gale said...

Love how you match the stripes on the socks. Do you ever do ribbing all the way down the leg portion?