Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A walk in the Countryside.......

We love to do a little hiking up here when the weather's nice. These are the Tehachapi Mountains which we live half way up on.

Yesterday I was on the phone to an AT & T rep trying to work out my computer's air card issues. She was concerned about the signal that I'm getting and asked where we live. When I told her on the side of a mountain where there are no utilities whatsoever. She asked if we have to make our own power with generators and such. "Oh yes," I said. "Along with a wind turbine and 32 backup batteries." She commented that it must be very peaceful.

Life here is VERY peaceful, but living off the grid also creates its own headaches, too. Mostly for my husband (who happens to be a saint for putting up with all of this) because he handles all the emergencies! When you're off the grid, you alone are responsible for all the equipment. In winter, this can be very worrisome.

Looking to the north, you can see the town of Tehachapi and how the scenery changes dramatically.

Today is a "little wind" day, so definitely a good day to hang out laundry. In fact, I better get to it!

Have a great day!

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