Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Serious Cranking Time....................

We just received an order for 30 pair of socks, so I'll be spending lots of time with "Doris." (for those of you who don't know who Doris is, she's our antique sock machine)

When we get orders like this, I always make myself a deadline. 30 days is good and that requires 2 socks each day. But, I always sneak in there another deadline just to add a wee bit of a challenge to myself. 20 days! That would mean making 3 socks each day. What will end up happening tho, is that I'll come in somewhere between the two deadlines.

So many knitters complain that they just can't get their projects done. It's all about goals. Do an inch a day, 5 rows a day - whatever. And even with that, your project will eventually get done.

I couldn't run this small (ok, micro!) business without setting strict deadlines. Believe me, it works. Try it on your current project that's just sitting in a lump staring up at you with eyes saying, 'finish me, finish me, finish me!'

Have a great day out there!

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