Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Knits of Kindness..................

My dear friend, Kathleen, who is like a sister to me is always (and I mean always) doing something wonderful for someone. On any given day you'll find her either making a meal, sewing or making a pair of socks for one of her friends. I am learning so much from her and find myself wishing that my heart was half as kind as hers.

So, I've decided to challenge myself and put my knitting needles (or my sock machine) to good use and start creating random knits of kindness. Now if you'd like to join me in this endeavor, feel free to jump on board.

This pair of socks is almost done - just need to close the toe and remove the waste yarn on one of them. Thought I'd surprise a friend of mine in North Carolina with 'em. They're made with Coats and Clark's "Heart & Sole" sock yarn. I just love the bright colors and patterns this yarn created.

Thanks Kathleen for all your inspiration! We can all touch someone with random knits of kindness - one stitch at a time!

Have a great evening.

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Like that!