Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tehachapi Mountain Festival......................

This weekend was filled with tons of activities during our Mountain Festival. What an event and people come from all over to attend. Our weather was absolutely perfect with a high around 80 today and a nice gentle breeze.

Today they also had the big Thunder on the Mountain car show that went along with all the festivities. Now I know why they call it that - at exactly 12 noon all the owners start their engines and rev 'em up for about 5 full minutes. With over 200 cars there, that was definitely "thunder on the mountain!"

I told my husband that I wanted to go in search of a 65 Chevy Malibu - my dream car! Right out of high school I searched for one but ended up with a 66 Malibu - the body changed that year, but I was still thrilled with the car. Today we found a 64 model.

Even this parrot enjoyed the show!

Lots of Thunderbirds were there and they were a real treat to see.

From there, we walked over to the park and checked out all the craft vendors and listened to some great music. I've decided to check if we can get on the list for next year's festival. Oh my gosh, that would mean making a couple hundred pair of socks during this next year!

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine.


gsxrmomof2 said...

This looks like something my family should come and check out next year!!! What fun!

Anonymous said...

I love car shows. My cousin has a bright orange Hudson he takes around everywhere and my husband is working on a 59 Fiat Multpla. I can't wait for him to fix it up so we can go to the car shows.

I have a question BTW. Is there a modern day equivalent of the machine you use to make socks? ~Sue~ (

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, there's a machine now from New Zealand called the NZAK that you can buy. I don't have an address, but you can do a search under NZAK (New Zealand Auto Knitter) and probably find all the details. These machines are great fun!