Saturday, August 7, 2010

The "Tea" Bag...........................

I'm making progress on the new knitting bag - well, a couple of inches an evening, but that counts, right? I get distracted and find myself working up crazy figures along the way. And I was wondering if any of you out there do the same thing. Don't ask me why, but sometimes (and not too often) I like to figure out exactly how many stitches are in a project. I know this is totally senseless, useless and probably weird but for some reason I find it entertaining.

This knitting bag for example - there's 100 stitches in each row; the back will have approximately 135 rows; probably around 10 rows for the bottom and then another 135 rows for the front. I figure that's just about 28,000 stitches. Then there's the handles to consider, but we'll leave those out of the picture for now.

I mean, think about it, 28,000 stitches! That's mind boggling! Maybe, instead of rating a pattern as easy, intermediate or advanced, it should just indicate how many stitches are required. That certainly gives a better picture of what's involved, right?

It's after midnight and my mind is boggled enough for one day. I'm off to Lancaster tomorrow to find some of Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation yarn. Have you tried it yet? I've worked with the "Full O' Sheep" and loved it. I'm thinking of designing a warm, wintery cardigan with lots of Intarsia. First tho, I have to finish these 28,000 stitches!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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