Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here We Go Again...............

One look out my front door this afternoon and I could see that the monsoon type clouds were moving in. Definitely not good. They always bring a chance of lightning strikes.

Two hours later I heard thunder and my phone rang. My neighbor said to look out my window and sure enough - 3 direct hits with lightning to our east near the road that leads up to Old West Ranch (where our last fire was). This time tho, they were spared and it was much lower and burning brush.

The lightning was coming straight down and looked like it was hitting the ground, but no other hot spots were erupting.

We also have a large fire burning way to our west here in California and a great deal of manpower and equipment is tackling that blaze. But, within an hour we saw the first copter arrive to water up. Soon a second followed.

And then soon after, the large bomber arrived and began hitting the fires with the retardant. It took a good 2 1/2 hours to bring it all under control, but we'll be watching again tomorrow because more of the same weather is forecast.

A little knitting news too: one of our readers wasn't able to leave a comment on our August Sock Giveway, so her name was placed in the hat. If you're having trouble doing the same thing, please just email me at and I'll do the same for you. Read that post to read all the details of this give-a-way.

Have a great evening.

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