Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Tehachapi Countryside......

Tangleweed Farm is just about a 10 minute drive from our house and I always love driving through that area.  Unfortunately, they weren't open on the 4th, but we still enjoyed the trip.

I love the old mail boxes that you see along the road, too.  Believe it or not, many areas of Tehachapi still receive their mail this way.

This huge steer seemed happy standing in the shade.  You'd think he'd have frequent headaches from the weight of those horns!

Oak trees are plentiful in our mountains and I believe there's something like 5 different varieties.

In knitting news:  I'm back to some serious "cranking" and this pair just came off our sock machine.  It's hard to even think about winter in this heat, but this is the time that our little sock business really gets to work.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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Caffeine Girl said...

That Regia is really adorable!